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Forbidden Culture week - Malmö 

The initiator (host) of Forbidden Culture Week is the cultural administration in the City of Malmö and is carried out together with Skånes Dansteater, Inkonst, Moderna Museet, Biograf Panora, Biograf Spegeln, Inkonst, Reporters Without Borders and Malmö University.


Free admission


November 20th- November 27th

Forbidden Culture Week highlights artistic freedom and censorship through culture that has at some time, somewhere and for some reason been censored, forbidden or banned.

During the Forbidden Culture Week Around Malmö, forbidden story times, tours of censored art and exhibitions about forbidden culture are offered. Young people can take part in workshops on forbidden text, there will be conversations about culture wars but also more light-hearted events such as quizzes about forbidden films. Schools are offered a wide range of programmes through the cultural right of public access.

Past Events and Programs

Work in progress festival

2023-10-02 until 2023-10-03

The Work in Progress Festival is a creative platform for and by local young pioneers, debutants, and creators. The festival offers you a chance to expand your network and explore the cultural industry. You can experience concerts, art exhibits, and panel discussions. Work in Progress Festival is organized by the cultural management of Malmö City.

Vernissage: kosmopolitisk underjord


They move underground. They creep, run, crawl and blast their way through. Sometimes organized, sometimes unorganized. Sometimes fighting for their lives, sometimes fighting for a sense of freedom. They often seem isolated from each other and have no contact with other underground citizens.Tonight, we, the underground population, do it together."Kosmopolit (Greek: kosmos, the world and polites, citizen) is used in a political context to denote thestateless, sometimes with derogatory or blaming meaning. The cosmopolitan is a 'world citizen'."Welcome to a submerged, enveloping, and honoring art experience. We break down the barriers between us and explore our common sense of secrecy and freedom in our growing and global society. We celebrate each other through art, music, and dance and create a sense of unity and cohesion, despite our differences. It's time to show our strength and solidarity as cosmopolitans and to celebrate world citizenship. Let's get underground!


2023-9-11 until 2023-10-30

50 Years of Memories Chile/Sweden" was an exhibition featuring various artists and generations who interpreted and brought to light their experiences of exile and migration. Through different styles, artistic expressions, and perspectives, parts of the consequences of the Chilean dictatorship were presented. Additionally, the exhibition included an interactive element where visitors were encouraged to share their own experiences of exile and migration through photos, letters, symbols, etc. that could be hung up on the interactive exhibit. Themes explored in the exhibition included love, violence, struggle, resistance, longing, and living memories. As a participant in this exhibition, I had the privilege of contributing to a conversation that is both powerful and timely.