November 2th-3th


Organizer: kulturförvaltningen på Malmö stad

I was invited to the Work in Progress Festival as an artist and it was an absolute thrill to be part of such a creative platform led by local young pioneers, debutants, and creators. It provided an amazing opportunity for us to showcase our work and share our artistic vision with the world. I had the pleasure of meeting fellow artists and collaborating on new projects that were inspiring and captivating for our audiences.

Activator for a maker space.

As an artist, I had the incredible opportunity to serve as an activator for a maker space during the festival. It was an invigorating experience to paint live alongside the audience for the entirety of the event. My purpose was twofold - to foster an encouraging atmosphere where guests could feel free to express themselves boldly on a shared canvas, and to inspire others to tap into their own inner creative genius. It was my honor to play a part in cultivating a space where art and community coexist in harmony.


September 28th 

Vernissage: "kosmopolitisk underjord"- "cosmopolitan underground"

Organizer: Konst-grafiklinjen Östra Grevie Fölkhögskola and other guest artists.

Photo by Carina Schlanger


I got invited as a guest artist from the art school Östra Grevie Folkhögskola, to organize and exhibit my art at an abandonned bunker in a remote place in Malmö.

I participated with a piece of art, a mural, and a poem that I recited as spoken word.

Title: May all the bridges we burn light our way 
Material: Floor protector paper, acrylic, acrylic pens

Here a piece of the poem. 

The poem was inspired by dystopia, apocalypse and love. 


"This backpack is heavy" (Individual exhibition part of the collective exhibition "50 years of memories Chile/Suecia") at Fish Tank Art Gallery, Panora, Malmö Sweden. 

Organizer: 50 years of memories Chile/Suecia

Co-organizers: Film i Skåne, Wipala kollektivet, Galleri Fish Tank, ABF Malmö, ABF Helsingborg,ABF Skåne, FolketsBio Malmö, Folkets Bio riks,Imagenes del sur, Latinamerika i Fokus, Antirasistiska filmdagarna, Vänsterpartiet, Santiago Alvarez institutet

Photo by Curator Rossana Mercado Rojas


I created The Bag is Heavy, a poignant and moving art exhibition inspired by Chilean muralismo, to convey the struggles and trauma faced by migrants on their journey to a better life. Through vibrant colors and powerful symbols, the exhibition highlights the beauty within these experiences, with the theme of carrying a heavy bag symbolizing the weight of their trauma and loss. The exhibition celebrates the collective strength and resilience of migrants and emphasizes the importance of community in times of adversity. Thanks to the contributions and support of individuals like Marie and my mother Elizabeth, the exhibition represents the power of collective action and creative expression in bringing attention to vital social and political issues.

Photo by Curator Rossana Mercado Rojas

Title: Memory and Resistance Material: Floor protector paper, acrylic, acrylic pens

Photo by Curator Rossana Mercado Rojas

Title:  Who?    Material: Floor protector paper, acrylic, acrylic pens

Love and Migrations (Amores y migraciones)
Material:Floor protection paper, acrylic, acrylic pens



"VÅGA VÄGRA VAPEN" (Dare to Refuse Weapons) is part of a group exhibition at Återbruket Mobilia, Malmö

"The Process & Material" exhibition is a thought-provoking experience that delves into the concept of danger and morality. Inspired by recent news of calls for "the right to bear arms," I used kraft paper and acrylic molotow markers to create a series of pieces that explore the limits of refusal in extreme circumstances. The centerpiece of the exhibit, "Våga Vägra Vapen" (Dare to Refuse Weapons), has evolved into a movement of its own, inspiring viewers to take a stand against social and political injustice. The exhibition also features works that encourage viewers to embrace daring behavior, from taking breaks at work to dancing in the nude. "The Process & Material" is a testament to the power of creativity and individual choice to spark social change.

The creation of "VÅGA VÄGRA VAPEN" was a collective effort that brought together friends and family to help with hanging the paintings and managing the lighting. Despite the physical location not being ideal for showcasing art, the community came together to create an inviting atmosphere for viewers. This collaborative effort extended beyond just the logistics of setting up the exhibit, as friends and acquaintances gathered to share food and coffee, contributing to the warm and welcoming vibe of the show.

The exhibition showcased a unique mix of both new and old pieces. I deliberately placed one of the most significant works on its own wall to visually emphasize its importance. With "Våga Vägra Vapen" (Dare to Refuse Weapons), I explored the possibilities and limitations of refusal, considering the intersectionality of birthplace and identity. This exhibit also aimed to convey the fun and daring elements of radicalism. The piece serves not only as a work of powerful propaganda but also as a tool for individuals to set boundaries in their personal lives and express their stances on critical social and political issues.


"Nude stories about revolution" at Phatic Studios Malmö

As the creator of "Nude Chronicles of Liberation," held at Phatic Studios Malmö, I'm thrilled to share an artistic exploration of the interplay between nudity and rebellion. I aimed to offer visitors an immersive experience that would invite them to delve deeper into the stories of individuals rebelling against societal expectations.

The theme of the exhibition was close to my heart - the significance of clothing, and how it shapes our identities. I took a metaphorical approach in each sculpture and painting, reflecting on my personal journey and belief that shedding societal burdens can be liberating. Visitors could feel the resilience and determination of those who have overcome obstacles, and I aimed to explore the powerful themes of personal autonomy and the indomitable strength of the human spirit.

I'm humbled to hear visitors were moved by the evocative creative expressions of each sculpture and painting on display, which gave rise to thought-provoking experiences. "Nude Chronicles of Liberation" aimed to provide a reflection of society's relationship with clothing and its effect on our identities. I challenged visitors to contemplate how they can embrace their true selves and the role societal expectations play in their lives. Thank you for allowing me to share my vision through this exhibition.

As with many of my exhibitions, "The Collective Process" of creating "Nude Chronicles of Liberation" was just as important as the final exhibition itself. Friends and family were integral to the process, helping with hanging the artwork, marketing the event, arranging the lighting, and cleaning up afterward. Without their support, the exhibition could not have taken place.I pride myself on creating art that is sustainable, and "Nude Chronicles of Liberation" utilized 100% recycled material. Much of the material came from repainted canvas bought from secondhand shops, old fabric and tape found in an abandoned office, and plaster obtained from a friend working in the construction industry. Small wooden parts salvaged from a broken frame and acrylic paints gifted to me from a woman in Malmö who is no longer painting also went into the pieces.


Participation in "Världen vi lämnar" (The world we leave behind) with the words "Vi är de med ljusare uniformer" (We are the ones with lighter uniforms)

My published piece "We are the ones with lighter uniforms." in this anthology is an analysis of my teenage perspective on society in a country that I no longer reside in. The inspiration for my writing came from personal memories that led me to expose the prevalent social issues in the community.
Themes such as class society among children, catholicism in schools, extreme poverty, community care, togetherness, and racism are explored in my writing, delving deeper into my experiences and emotions. The anthology provided me with a platform to share my personal experiences and observations on these issues.Throughout my reflective writing process, I drew on vivid childhood memories, analyzing and exploring unresolved emotions from my youth. The process was cathartic, and the end result is a powerful reflection of my personal growth.