About me



am queer artist, 29 years old, originating from "Poblacion Recabarren" in Santiago de Chile, and now based in Malmö, Sweden.
have a strong background in grassroots activism and am currently completing a bachelor's degree in Social Science. This knowledge provides the base to all of my art, and the lens through which I examine the social and political complexities of life.I use various mediums, such as poetry, short stories, sculptures, murals, oil/acrylic paintings, performance, street art, and modern dance, to express myself. Through this art, I aim to explore themes that include love, exile, migration, gender inequality, intergenerational trauma, healing processes, and resistance, all of which are universally relevant issues.I draw inspiration from my personal experience as well as from the experiences of others, aiming to reflect the complexities and nuances of life.

As an artist, I aim to create a space for meaningful conversations about the world's social and political complexities. My work challenges conventions and inspires action. I welcome collaborations and opportunities that align with my artistic vision. Contact me to discuss potential projects.